Amazing ISS Video (Thierry Legault)

From: joseph daniel via Seesat-l <>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 05:10:24 -0400
Or is it really ? 
Smaller still-shot

 The &  in N.A. is featuring the (link at bottom) video of the ISS passing in front ofthe sun , captured by Thierry Legault of France , on his U-Tube page (which spans other U-Tube pages also) .

 Nice video but I was very surprised to see that the ISS appeared that large against our giant Sun's backdrop .

Very interesting . A low orbit of course , just never thought it was quite that low . (really? [no , can't be])

 If that's the case , then even I could theoretically capture that event also, with a simple ultra-zoom
camera on a tripod (with the proper filters/frame-rate/pass timing ) .

  The author sports his awesome (ultra-expensive) equipment at the end of the video , but if this video
is legit , then I can't help but feel that he's actually misleading people into thinking a huge investmentis required , and only someone of his skill could ever manage such an observational feat .

 Then again , maybe I'm overlooking something here ?

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