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You are right Art.

That is why I tried to defend Thierry.

But, instead he started to rant how good he was, and we all know that.

Instead of acknowledging the good work of others using similar equipment based on his work, he put the focus back on himself.

Then he when on to attack my work and six inch telescopes, which is totally different than his, as I am working out at 22,000 miles.
He should not comment in areas where he lacks experience, IMO.

I still think his work with the ISS is at a professional level, but his behavior skills towards others appears unprofessional.

Ron Lansing
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Hi to All,

Monsieur Legault's work is so good that someone thought it was 
fake!  Thierry should take it as a complement, albeit in a rather off 
handed way.

In all my years of following this list and amateur imaging, I have 
only ever seen John Locker do anything that's come close to Thierry's work.

What ever happened to John, by the way?

Best Regards to All,


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