Re: XM-2 sent to the graeyard

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  Greg Williams wrote:

"...Wasn't it AKA "Roll"?..."

XM-2 was Rock.

 From the "more than you wanted to know" department:

XM-1 (Roll) was supposed to launch first, on Jan. 8, 2001, which was 
Elvis' birthday (I intentionally selected the launch date for this 
reason), but a last second--literally--launch abort was commanded after 
the ignition sequence had irreversibly started, forcing Sea Launch to 
return to port to refurbish the Zenit first stage engine.

XM-1 was eventually integrated with a different vehicle after its 
return, and the ensuing delay caused XM-2 to be launched first.  In 
announcing the launch order swap in a press release, our then-XM CEO 
quipped something to the effect of "We learned we have to Rock before we 
Roll".  This is why I remember the launch order & names.

Instead of Elvis' birthday XM-1 was launched exactly four months later, 
by pure coincidence, on mine.

Derek (first full time, now former, XM employee)

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> Wasn't it AKA "Roll"?
> The first two birds were " Rock" and "Roll".
> Greg Williams
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>> XM-2 ( 26724 ) has been sent to the graveyard.
>> It was a boeing 702 series, that had the angled solar panels on it.
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