Re: Antares Launch from Wallops Island due on Monday

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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2014 11:35:56 -0400
I was just checking this thread and I'm surprised to see no one has posted 
this link yet.   So I will.

Orbital has done this for each of the Antares ISS launches so far.   They 
have a page showing the ascent path as seen from the ground from various 
locations along the US East Coast, made using Google Earth.   They also have a 
Google Earth .kmz file for downloading for any who may want to display the 
ascent path from their own location (using Google Earth's ground-level view).  
 I've shortened the link so it doesn't get chopped up:

And Joe, I hope you're calculations are correct about the second stage 
entering sunlight.   Is there an article coming about this?

Jim Cook
Germantown, MD, US
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