Descriptions of previous Antares night flights from Wallops Island

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Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2016 12:04:10 -0400
I've been assigned to do a story for concerning the upcoming  
launch of the Antares OA5 from Wallops Island and its potential visibility 
along  the US East Coast.  I'm looking for some quotes to insert in the article  
from those who have seen previous, similar night launches; generally, some  
descriptions about what the vehicle looked like as it streaked across the  
sky.  If anyone on this list has seen such previous flights, I'd be very  
much interested to hear what you saw.  

Along with your location,  how fast did the vehicle appear to move?  How 
bright? (estimated magnitude  would be helpful) . . . and anything else you 
might like to add.  The  launch is schedule for one week from today, Thursday, 
October 13th. 
This does NOT apply to the Space-X resupply night launches from Cape  
Canaveral, Florida. 

-- joe rao
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