Quality of Sputnik 1 elset

Sven Grahn (svengrahn@mail.wineasy.se)
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 21:32:28 +0200

I checked the elset that I have posted and it predicts a pass near Moscow at 0350 UT on October 6, 1957. TASS gave the time as 0352 UT. Signals were heard by radio amateurs in Sweden at 0344-0354 UT and 0523-0533 UT on October 6. The elset indicates the Sputnik 1 rocket body was above the horizon in middle Sweden at 0343-0351 UT and 0522-0530 UT. Moscow gave the time of passing over Oslo as 0527 UT, October 6 and my elset for the rocket gives 0525 UT.

Ay 0346 UT on October 7, 1957, the monitoring station of the Swedish Telecommunications Administration picked up the signals from the satellite loudly. My elset for the rocket shows maximum elevation at 0349 UT.

So, I think the elset is pretty good for the first couple of days.



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