Iridium 13 flare

Alexander Seidel (
Mon, 1 Sep 97 13:45 MET DST

I saw Iridium 13 (97-30 E, #24840) on an evening southbound pass flaring up to 
at least mag -0.5 last night. 

Dates unformatted:	1997/08/31 UTC 20:24:12 (at aquisition, near flare max.)
			Sat position at that time: Az 59 deg, El 43 deg
			Sun position at that time: Az 313.3 deg, El -17.5 deg	
			Flare duration: > 5 sec
			Flare magnitude: -0.5 mag (or brighter)
			My position: N 53.5932 deg, E 9.4683 deg, 6m ASL
(PS: sorry, I am still not familiar with the "official" reporting format...).

The sat may have even been brighter for a few seconds, as when I first spotted 
it, it had just cleared the edge of my neighbour4s house, which had blocked the 
view before. Then it was still visible for approx. 5 seconds, before rapidly 
fading down to invisibility for the naked eyes.

Note: this observation, in terms of azimuth and elevation, fairly well fits to 
Leo Barhorst4s flare sighting which he posted yesterday for another one of those 

Greetings, Alex