Saying Hi
Mon, 1 Sep 1997 12:23:55 -0600

Hello there. I just subscribed to this list on the weekend and have recieved
several posts so far. My name is Jari, i live in Cold Lake Alberta Canada
(54.25 N 110.11 W 556m).

I'm not a professional, i look up because i like watching the night sky.
Over the years i have seen satellites passing overhead wondering who they
are and only just recently i found a way of finding that information out as
well as when our paths will cross again. When the skies are clear i go out
on my deck, i have a clear view to the east as well as to the north and
south, except for the only power lines in my area of town. I have my pass
prediction printout with me, along with a red lensed flashlight and try to
catch a glimpse of passing orbiting bodies. Some nights there are none or
one to be seen, other nights many. On August 5th i had 12 satellites on my
printout over a 1 hour and 10 min period and of those i saw 9 of them plus 2
others that were not on my list (see below). Most were within seconds of
when the prediction calculated they would be at their max height. The rest
were with a minute or 2 but considering my watch and computer clock were not
the same i figure that was okay with me. Like i said i'm not a professional,
what magnitude or their flash rate, if any, are i can only guess. As long as
i see them i am happy. 

Well that is my introduction, no doubt i may have questions as time goes on
and they may be ones you have heard many times before but have patience, i
am new here. Keep looking up.

Results of 05 August 1997 viewing

Satellite         Seen 
Cosmos 1812       No
Lo-19             No
Cosmos 1140 R/B   Yes
Mir               Yes
Meteor 1-1        Yes
JERS-1            No
Cosmos 1980 R/B   Yes
Cosmos 1500       Yes
ROSAT Observatory Yes + one other seen at higher orbit fr 190 to 10 approx
Cosmos 389 R/B    Yes
Cosmos 1043 R/B   Yes
Cosmos 1825 R/b   Yes + one other fr 225 to 45 approx