Re: New (Old?) Flasher?

Ed Cannon (
Tue, 02 Sep 1997 04:19:46 -0500

I wrote:

>Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 06:55:05 -0500
>From: Ed Cannon <>
>Subject: New (Old?) Flasher?
>Wednesday night while Mike McCants and I were tracking Iridium 4 
>(97-20E/27496 -- no flash), another one appeared in the field going 
>the opposite direction, and we followed it.  In a few seconds Mike 
>said, "Is that thing flashing at us?"  It was, and he timed the 
>period at 1.9 seconds.  I've just spent some hours trying to ID the 
>object ..., and the best candidate I've found is 73-86CD:

I must report that I had the wrong time by 2 minutes, and that using 
the correct time, the UNID flasher was identified; it was DMSP 5DS-14 

Lesson:  Before spending hours identifying an UNID, be certain that
the data are correct!

Ed Cannon
Austin, Texas, USA
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