Re: What was that? (Iridium Flare Format)

Ron Lee (
Tue, 02 Sep 1997 14:17:46

IN the pseudo standard format, this is:

                 Sat    Sat     Sun      Flare   Obs    Sun Phase     NOR=
AD #
   UT            Dir  AZ  EL   AZ  EL   Dur  Mag      UT     Pass Az/El
03:04:10 08/31/97  S  130 54  292 -12    ?   -4   PW  -6   Unk  86 63  24=

Ron Lee

>Last Saturday night (MDT) I was conducting a public star party in Bryce
>Canyon National Park when several members of the audience started
>exclaiming about something they were seeing in the sky.
>I turned and found myself saying something like "Oh my God!".
>What we were seeing was the brightest satellite I=92ve ever seen.  Much
>brighter than Jupiter, this thing actually caused the thin clouds we saw
>it through glow.
>The entire sighting lasted only a few seconds before the object faded
>from view.
>Good show!  :-)
>Using the following data I=92m wondering if anyone out there can tell me
>what we saw.
>DATE:     31 AUG 97 (UT)
>TIME:     03:04:10 (+/- 5")
>LOCATION: 112d  9' W
>           37d 42' N
>          2,300 m
>Seen:     4d north of Altair, headed south
>Patrick Wiggins, Hansen Planetarium, SLC, UT, USA
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>voice: 801.531-4952
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