S.D.I. lives?

John Locker (satcom@mail.cybase.co.uk)
Wed, 03 Sep 1997 14:46:24 -0700

A recent article circulated on an Internet Newsgroup indicates that the US
Department of Defence has received a request from the US army to allow them
to test their latest laser weapon MIRACL on an orbiting satellite.
It seems that the in the firing line is MTSI-3 (Miniature Sensor technology
Integration Satellite)

In its present orbit at a height of about 400 km MTSI would prove an ideal
target,and no problem for the 3 Million watts of power unleashed by MIRACL!

So,could this really be ?.....Are we seeing the ressurection of SDI?

According to DoD info MTSI has an inclination of 97degs,and launched in 1996
has an operational life of just 12 months!

Having searched the files,I am unable to track down any keps for this
bird,...anyone have them?
Also I would be interested to hear from any "See-Saters" if they have any
further details about the proposals.

It seems that if the decision to vapourise MTSI-3 is taken...then it could
provide interesting viewing in some quarters!