Bart De Pontieu (
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 21:35:15 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi SeeSat-L,

Just a reminder for those wanting to get off the list, but who forgot to
keep the intro-message they received after subscribing:

You can unsubscribe by sending a message with the word "unsubscribe"
in the SUBJECT heading of your message to the following address:

Please note the following:

1. Do NOT use the for subscribe or
   unsubscribe requests. They are usually diverted from the list, and only
   lead to frustration for you, me (they mean manual work for me :-), and
   occasionally the over 400 subscribers of SeeSat-L (whenever they slip
   through the maze of the garbage filter SeeSat-L has installed).

2. If you sending you unsubscription request from an address which is 
   different than the one subscribed to SeeSat-L, include the address
   which is subbed to SeeSat-L after the word "unsubscribe".
   Let's say I have subbed to SeeSat-L, but am 
   sending my unsubscribe request from
   I would then send a message with "unsubscribe"
   to SeeSat-L-request

Please follow the above suggestions, they will reduce your and my
frustration. Also, please be careful with posting RADIO-observing messages
to SeeSat-L. Some people do not seem to be convinced by me pleas not to
send them to SeeSat-L. Think THREE times before you send a
radio-observation to SeeSat-L. Send it to HearSat-L instead.

     Bart, on-and-off-e-mail, SeeSat-L administrator