Jay Respler (
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 20:42:26 -0400 (EDT)

There was a request here for "historic" TLEs.  I gave Joel Runes' catalog as a
source and asked if it was available on-line.  Thanks to Mike McCants, it is
now on his web site.  Links to there from vsohp.
In addition to representative elements on most objects, whether in orbit or
decayed, there is a description of every object cataloged, and many objects
that received international IDs but no catalog number, failed to orbit or went
There is a paragraph about 8xxx objects.  There are descriptions of catalog
numbers that have been reused.
This catalog answers your questions about "what is that?".   Highly

I also had some discussion with Mike over removing the limit on the number of
objects to be predicted and he has spared no effort in making a new version of

His description:
This is version 2.13 of my QuickSat prediction program for MS/DOS
dated August 30, 1997 with an intrinsic magnitudes file dated
July 2, 1997. Version 2.13 allows an unlimited number of elsets
to be processed if the "store elements in memory" flag is set
to false.

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