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If I might do one more iteration for newcomers.
Thanks Jay and Mike.

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>There was a request here for "historic" TLEs.  I gave Joel Runes' catalog 
>as a source and asked if it was available on-line.  Thanks to Mike McCants, 
>it is now on his web site.  Links to there from vsohp.

link on vsohp's "tletools.html" page to Mike's web site OR

>In addition to representative elements on most objects, whether in orbit or
>decayed, there is a description of every object cataloged, and many objects
>that received international IDs but no catalog number, failed to orbit or 
>There is a paragraph about 8xxx objects.  There are descriptions of catalog
>numbers that have been reused.
>This catalog answers your questions about "what is that?".   Highly
>I also had some discussion with Mike over removing the limit on the number 
>objects to be predicted and he has spared no effort in making a new version 
>His description:
>This is version 2.13 of my QuickSat prediction program for MS/DOS
>dated August 30, 1997 with an intrinsic magnitudes file dated
>July 2, 1997. Version 2.13 allows an unlimited number of elsets
>to be processed if the "store elements in memory" flag is set
>to false.
>Jay Respler
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