Yahoo! FORTE (finally) seen

Jim Varney (
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 21:28:39 -0700 (PDT)

I can say with certainty and glee that I finally saw FORTE and the
FORTE booster on Sept 4 0357 and 0354 respectively.

The Pegasus upper stage was about 7th magnitude.  I did not make a
flash period timing because I didn't want to miss the payload which
was following 2.5 minutes later.  But I did see some secondary maxima
in the booster's tumble.

FORTE was steady but quite dim, maybe mag 8.5 in my 10x50 binocs.  A
little brighter than what Paul Maley reported but this was a very
favorable western 74 degree pass.

The TLE mystery is no more.  The OIG elsets were perfect -- are you
Jim Varney   121.398W  38.458N 8m   Sacramento, CA,

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