Re: What was that?!?

Alphonse POUPLIER (
Fri, 5 Sep 1997 01:04:32 +0200 (MET DST)

>He said brighter than Jupiter... (which is brighter than -1).

The magnitudes mentionned by my programs are, of course,
calculated according to the STANDARD magnitude.
Don't you know that Iridium 4 can give a much brighter magnitude
in some circumstances?

I maintain "It should be".

Here is another way to give informations on that passage:
(Please forget the calculated magnitudes)

IRIDIUM 4      1 24796U 97020E    Ref.Date: 1997 233.12287546 = 21 / 8 / 1997
n=14.34215898  Height.:   771-   778 Km     Magnit.St.:  6

31/ 8/97   Az.:  Alt.: Sun:    Hgt.:  Dist.:  Magn.: Alpha:  Delta: Const.:
 2h60m 0s   10d    22d -12d   772Km   1637Km    6.3    4.0h  +71.9d    Cam
 3h 1m 0s   16d    32d -12d   772Km   1299Km    5.8    1.4h  +75.6d    Cas
 3h 2m 0s   29d    46d -13d   772Km   1020Km    5.3   22.1h  +67.0d    Cep
 3h 3m 0s   65d    61d -13d   772Km    865Km    4.9   20.7h  +44.1d    Cyg
 3h 4m 0s  124d    57d -13d   772Km    898Km    5.0   20.1h  +15.9d    Sge
 3h 5m 0s  149d    41d -13d   772Km   1104Km    5.5   19.8h   -6.5d    Aql
 3h 6m 0s  159d    28d -13d   772Km   1408Km    6.0   19.6h  -21.3d    Sgr
 3h 7m 0s  164d    19d -14d   771Km   1759Km    6.5   19.5h  -31.2d    Sgr
 3h 8m 0s  167d    12d -14d   771Km   2134Km    6.9   19.4h  -38.3d    Sgr
 3h 9m 0s  169d     7d -14d   771Km   2520Km    7.3   19.3h  -43.8d    Sgr
 3h10m 0s  170d     3d -14d   771Km   2912Km    7.6   19.3h  -48.3d    Tel

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