Re: Mir Marathon

Bram Dorreman (
Fri, 5 Sep 1997 14:50:27 GMT

Dave Mullinex wrote:
> I wonder how many passes could be seen in 24 hour period.
 According to my intuition a (northern hemisphere) observer can
 see the greatest number of consequtive Mir passes when he is at
 a location so that Mir has its most northerly point in its orbit
 at the observers northern horizon.
 The 1st possible pass is when Mir's orbit rises and Mir would
 be there.
 The last possible pass is when Mir's orbit sets and Mir would
 be there.
 I am not strong in mathematics, but I assume the number of
 consecutive visible passes is about six. The only condition is
 that Mir is sunlit.
 If the observer is in darkness it may help him to find Mir.
 I leave calculations to other involved people but I am
 curious to read what they derive.
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