Superbird A, 6 Sep 97

Ron Lee (
Sat, 06 Sep 1997 06:34:30

Using 7x50 binocs, first flash seen about 02:57:23 UT (6 Sep 97)

23.3 sec interval flashes seen until the first 11.65 interval at 
03:00:14.2 UT.   Last 11.65 sec interval flash at 03:03:00.0 UT

Last flash observed at 03:04:53.3 when a small cloud moved in.

Difficult to define the MAX flash but the flash phase shift did
occur between 03:01:12.3 and 03:02:10.5 UT.   Will use the flash
at 03:01:12.3 (which was annotated as the brightest yet) as the
maximum.  This may not be consistent with my previous reports so
assume an error of up to 1-2 FULL periods (23.3 sec)...most likely

I did observe another bright flash at 03:02:33.7 UT.

Max brightness about 4-4.5.     In reviewing my timings I cannot
find the 12.0/11.3 second intervals seen by Ed and Mike.  Mine
average about 11.65 seconds.

Observed fron Falcon, CO so other observers can use the deltas
in Rob Matsons recent post to make adjustment...but it seems his
previous times were very accurate.

Ron Lee