"Maritime" unids

Marco Hahn (Marco.Hahn@abo.fi)
Mon, 08 Sep 1997 10:52:10 +0300

While travelling by ship from Travemuende, Germany to Turku, Finnland, I
made several observations, most of which I could identify using the
el970802-file. However, there are two unids left over, maybe someone
with another element file can identify those: (Note the old date!)

12.08.97 at 20:49 UTC about 30 deg to the right of Cassiopeia, moving
almost horizontally to the left (slightly sinking)

12.08.97 at 21:04:25 UTC at RA 21h54m, Decl 19d42', moving almost
horizontally to the right, also slightly sinking

Both satellites were rather bright, being seen on the upper deck with
naked eye only. The positional lights of the ship were switched on, too.

Unfortunately, I don't have the exact co-ordinates, but the crew told me
that we were at 20:00 UTC at 53d56m N, 10d52m E and at 21:00 UTC at
54d05m N, 11d03m E. The course was mostly a straight line.

During that hour, I also observed 10 meteors.

BTW, are seaborne obs a first among those reading this mailing list?

Hej d=E5, Marco