Iridium flare report and suggestion

Alexander Seidel (
Mon, 8 Sep 97 19:29 MET DST

One more flare observation report (Iridium 13, 97-30 E, #24840): 

                  Sat   Sat      Sun      Flare    Obs    Sun Phase      NORAD #
   UT             Dir  AZ  EL   AZ  EL    Dur  Mag      UT     Pass Az/El
19:51:23 09/07/97  S   74  49 305.1 -16.3  5   -3   AS  +2  Unk 79.1 49.2 24840

P.S.:    I think it may still be ok for now to publish it here, with these 
surprising satellites being new on the scene, and many observers trying to 
figure out when and where to look for the favorable passes with a flare-up, but 
I am not sure whether it will be of general interest to have all the future 
Iridium flare observations posted to this list, especially since these objects 
are in fairly stable orbits, and will (hopefully) continue to show up 
spectacularly every now and then, and for a long time to come.

Is anybody out there, capable and willing to collect, analyze and comprehen- 
sively report on these sightings? He (or she) would possibly be a better address 
for directly sending these reports to, in the long run... Any comments?

Best regards, 
Stade/Germany (N 53.5932 / E 9.4683 / 6m ASL)