Superbird A for Monday, Sep

8 Sep 1997 16:45:17 -0800

Superbird watchers,

Here's an update on the primary flash window.  I've refined the axis based on
the latest observations by myself, Ron Lee, Mike McCants and Jay Respler.  For
tonite (Monday night) times will be about 6 minutes later for each location
than those I reported for last Thursday night (Sept. 4 local, Sept. 5 UTC). 
(The one exception is the west coast, where times will be about 5 minutes
later).  In other words, I'm revising upward the night-to-night shift from 50
seconds to 90 seconds.  Here are sample predictions for tonite (Monday, Sept.
8th local, Sept. 9th UTC) using most of the locations I gave last week.  Times
are UTC:

2:59  San Francisco Bay area and northern California
3:00  Santa Barbara, central California (Fresno), Reno
3:00:30  Southern California (L.A., Orange Co.), Mojave; central Nevada;
border of Idaho with Oregon and Washington
3:01  San Diego; Palm Springs; Barstow; central Nevada; western Idaho
3:02  Las Vegas; Nevada/Utah border; southeast Idaho; western Montana
3:06  El Paso, TX; Central New Mexico (Albuquerque, Sante Fe); central third
of Colorado (Boulder, Denver, Pueblo & Colorado Springs); Wyoming/Nebraska
border; western Dakotas
3:08  Western and northern Texas (Amarillo); Oklahoma panhandle; western
Kansas; central Nebraska, eastern Dakotas
3:10  Central Texas (Ft. Worth); central Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)-; Eastern
Kansas; Northwestern Iowa; eastern Minnesota
3:11  Southern and Eastern Texas (Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Dallas);
eastern Oklahoma (Tulsa); Kansas/Missouri border (Kansas City); eastern Iowa;
northwestern Wisconsin
3:12  Houston and eastern Texas; western Arkansas; central Missouri;
Iowa/Illinois border; central Wisconsin
3:13  St. Louis; central Illinois; southeast Wisconsin (Milwaukee)
3:13:30  Chicago
3:14 Memphis
3:16 New Orleans; Huntsville, Alabama; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Louisville,
Kentucky; Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo, Ohio; Detroit
3:17 Southeast Alabama; Knoxville, Tenn.; eastern-most Kentucky; Akron and
Cleveland, Ohio; Toronto, Canada
3:18  Atlanta; western tips of Carolinas and Virginia; central West Virginia;
Pittsburgh; Buffalo and Rochester, NY
3:19  Southeast Georgia; central Carolinas, Virginia and Pennsylvania;
Syracuse, NY; Ottawa, Canada
3:20  Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, MD; Philadelphia and Scranton, PA; Albany,
NY; Montreal, Quebec
3:20:30  Gainesville and Jacksonville, Fla.; Charleston, South Carolina;
eastern North Carolina; southeast Virginia; Delaware; New Jersey; western New
3:21 east coast from Norfolk, VA to New York City; western New England
3:21  Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla; Atlantic coast from S.C./N.C. border to Long
Island; central New England
3:22  Ft. Myers, Orlando, Kennedy Space Center, Fla.; Providence, R.I.;
Boston; eastern Maine; New Brunswick
3:23  Havana, Cuba; Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.