Re: Thnaks to all that helped me with the MIR PASS Prediction

Bjoern Gimle (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 05:53:55 +0200

Alistair Grant <> wrote:
>Oh and one more thing - I know QuickSat is the best text based prediction 
software (Mike ;-) but what the best graphical based one?
>- Thanks again

SkyMap by Rob Matson, available on

and via my home page

has accurate star charts , satellite tracks from ground or space,
rocket tracks, solar and lunar transits by satellites, position
measurements, identification of satellites observed, ground map,
local terrain features, and  alt/az, polar and RA/dec rectangular
projections. Menu driven or automated runs. Output on screen or
plot file, that can be printed on  PCX files, hundreds of printers
and all Windows printers.

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