Iridium observation

Mon, 15 Sep 1997 07:25:29 -0500

Reporting observation of the latest group of 7 Iridiums  (objects 24950
- 24944) at 10:44UT on 15 September 1997 from Houston, Texas. These were
predawn observations but were east of the meridian. Therefore I did not
expect to see bright flares and none were observed. The objects were
tracked from elevation 34, azimuth 154 to culmination at elevation 60,
azimuth 92, then finally to elevation 36, azimuth 25. Height during the
pass was 520km. All 7 were successfully videotaped moving in a line,
also as expected. Brightness ranged from +7 to +6 then fading back to
+7. Phase angles varied from 89 to 108 degrees along the track.

Paul D. Maley
DO5/Cargo Operations
NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston TX 77058 USA
phone: 281-244-0208
fax: 281-244-7622
latitude 29.5378 north; longitude 95.0868 west; altitude 6 m