Space Exhibition

Tue, 16 Sep 1997 00:28:17 +0200

An international Space Exhibition will be held in the new spacious Lingotto
Exhibition Center (Hall 3) located within the Congress Complex, Turin, ITALY.
The major space agencies and industries from around the world have assured
their presence. Exhibitors will be grouped into four areas: Italy, Europe,
Noth America, Asia and Other Countries.
The Exhibition will feature a dedicated presentation of technology spin off
in which space agencies and industries will demonstrate some fundamental
exemples of the transfer of space technologies to other fields such as the
automobile industry, energy generation, sensors, biotechnology and medecine.
The Exhibition will be the venue for a number of collateral events, called:
"focus on", that will present particular topics not specifically covered in
the Congress.
A cinema room will be provided for exhibitors to illustrate their programmes
and products.
The Exhibition will be open to the registred Congress participants, to
invited guests and to the general public at specified times:

6 October	12.00           Opening Ceremony
                12.30 - 17.30	Professional visitors only
7-10 October	09.00 - 13.00	Professional visitors and schools
7-10 October	13.00 - 18.00	Open to the public
8 October	20.00 - 23.00	Congress Party(Congress Participants and invited guests)
9-10 October	18.00 - 22.00	Open to the Public

Special features of the Turin "Space '97 Show"
The international Exhibition organised in conjunction with the 48th
International Astronautical Congress at the Lingotto Exhibition Center will
attract a large number of the most important space agencies and industries
from around the world. 
The Exhibition is centered on an area dedicated to "Transfer of Technology"
(Spin Off hall) where exhibitors will illustrate some of the most
significant aspects of the transfer of space technology to other fields.
Visitors will be introduced to the various aspects by experts on hand to
provide further information.
Documentation in distribution will explain the significance of this
technology transfer that gives "added value" to the significant results
space activities already provide in science and application.
The Exhibition offers a further special feature, the "Cinema Room" prepared
within the Exhibition Hall to be used for individual presentations.
The room equipped with video, slide and overhead projectors, will be
utilised for a series of special events called "Focus on........" to attract
attention to some specific topics that the official sessions of the Congress
have not had space to deal with in depth. The preliminary list of these
events comprises:
o Italian Space Activities Overview
o Space Science Research and Exploration
o The Italian Astronomy Satellite SAX Mission Results
o Images from Space Presentation
o Telemedicine New Frontiers
o Global Positioning System, New Applications and Opportunities
o The Frontier of Multimediality
o EuroMoon 2000

The "focus on" events are open to registered congressionalists, to invited
professionals according to their specific interest, and in selected cases to
the general public as well.
The exhibitors can, upon request to the Organizers and subject to
availability, utilise the Cinema Room for specific presentations of their
company and products.
In addition the "Space '97 Show" has dedicated "four special areas" at the
four corners of the hall to mount stands and displays to arouse public
interest in space.

Space Books and Documentation corner:
The leading space agencies and institutions have been invited to present
some of their publications (part of which will be on sale) to give the
public an idea of how much important material has been written on the subject.
The major editors of scientific books will present their most recent
editions on space science and technologies and related subjects that will be
put on sale.
The AIDAA is attempting to enlist the support of museums and institutions to
present some rare texts and documents illustrating the beginnings of
space-related research and knowledge.

Philately and Model corner:
Philatelic clubs and private collectors have been invited to exhibit their
collections of stamps and first day issues related to space. Rare envelopes
signed by astronauts will also be on show.
Amateur modellers will present their collections of satellite and
spacecraft. Specialised dealers of space models of space will be selling
their products.

Images from Space corner:
A corner of the Exhibition Hall will be fitted with screens for the
presentation of images and pictures taken of or from space. Earth features
will be illustrated and commented together with images of other planets.
Selected images in the form of slides, prints or CD will be available for
sale to the international visitors.
Satellite pictures of areas of interest (home town, state, country, etc.)
may be ordered for later delivery.

Space Shop corner:
A selection of space-related memorabilia, gadgets, magazines and so on will
be on sale. 

For additional information on the exhibition:

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30121 VENEZIA Italy