Re: Early Iridium flare obs?

Ron Lee (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 22:10:23

It may have been Iridium #8  (NORAD #24792).  Location, direction and time

Ron Lee

>On 2-3 August UT I was observing at the Table Mountain Star Party north of
>Ellensburg, WA, approx 47.12 N and 120.51 W.  Around 0540 UT on the 3rd (2nd
>local time) we all noticed a very bright object to the northeast at about 30
>degrees elevation.  My first thought was that it must be a near head-on
>meteor because it was so slow and bright.  However, when I was able to track
>it for another few minutes in binoculars as it faded below naked-eye
>visibility and continued across the sky NE to SE I was quite baffled.  The
>peak brightness was at least several times that of Juptier, and I think it
>was brighter than Venus although my dark-adapted eyes may have misled me.

>Mark Haun