Re: Unknown satellites in high orbits

Bjoern Gimle (
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 11:59:28 +0200

On 31st of August at 21.08 (UT), or 19970831.881 (UT)
while observing a variable star I saw two satellites
in a high orbit. I had a high magnification, so they....

It's a pity Timo did not apparantly try to see them near the same
time and place the following day(s).

Nevertheless, I would guess that the chance that RA has increased
by 4 min./day, and the time of passing that point is within +/- 10 min.,

is 50 % or better, so if you can convince him to start hunting, I'd be
This could be a discovery of an unknown or classified pair !

In the meantime, I, and others, will probably find the time to search
elset files for a match.


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