FAISAT-2v/VITASAT-1r Cosmos Launch on 23 Sept.

Eric Rosenberg (erosenberg@orbcomm.net)
Wed, 17 Sep 97 09:17:16 est

The FAISAT-2v/VITASAT-1r "little LEO" satellite will be launched as a 
piggyback payload to a Russian navsat on Tuesday 23 September. 

The launch is scheduled for 16:44 UTC from Plesetsk on a Cosmos booster. 

Separation of the FAI/VITA satellite could occur up to 5 hours 

The main downlink is 400.62 MHz, 4800 bps GMSK modulation. Secondary 
downlink is 400.55 MHz.  Command uplink is 148.7 Mhz for the US TT+C 
station in Lanham, MD.  The actual command station for the checkout is 
at the Andoya Rocket Range in Andenes, Norway.  

Preliminary element set, based on the launch of FAISAT-1 in 1995 on the 
same rocket and into the same orbit is as follows:

1 97025U 97002V   97266.68332521  .00000008  00000-0  10000-4 0   108
2 97025  82.9184 281.7361 0024279 265.4977  86.3400 13.71043547    05

The first orbit (descending) takes the satellite over Alaska and New 
Zealand, then up over Africa and western Europe. 

I would appreciate any viewer/listener reports of the satellite, 
although I don't have any giveaways this time around!

Clear skies!


Eric Rosenberg