Sources of (US) Launch Info.

Huston, Stu (A016174@MDCPO102.HB.MDC.COM)
Thu, 18 Sep 97 14:36:00 PDT

For those who enjoy watching launches, here is a summary of places to get 
information on upcoming (and/or recent) launches.  Many of these were culled 
from the Florida Today site, which overall seems to be the best place for 
general info.

Please note: for the phone numbers listed for human beings, I have not 
personally checked to see whether or not they answer the phone, or whether 
the number gives you a recorded message.  These are really for press 
information; please exercise discretion if calling these numbers.

If anyone has more sources, please feel share them with us.  In particular, 
does anyone out there know of a source for Notices to Airmen or Notices to 
Mariners?  How about non-US launches?


Florida Today Space Online

NASA/KSC Media Services Office           -  407/867-2468
  Recorded launch information            -  407/867-4636

USAF Cape Canaveral/Patrick AFB          -  407/494-5933
                                         -  407/494-NEWS (494-6397)

Vandenberg AFB
  Recorded launch updates                -  805/734-VAFB ext. 6-1857

Lockheed Martin - Julie Andrews          -  619/645-6470

  Delta launch updates                   -  714/896-4770
  Keith Takahashi (public affairs)       -  714/896-1302 (Delta press kits, etc.) (Shuttle press kits)

Orbital Sciences - Barry Beneski         -  703/406-5528

Iridium Launch Information
  U.S. (Toll Free):                      -  888/9LA-UNCH (952-8624)
  International (Toll):                  -  202/4LA-UNCH (452-8624)


Stu Huston