Re: Plural of Iridium

Bruno Tilgner (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 19:44:02 -0400

Walter Nissen,  wrote:

>Do you dare to assert that Iridium is not a 2nd declension neuter, as =

>bacterium, bacteria?  =


This is not the point. "Iridium" is a proper name (from Greek "iris" =3D
(goddess of) rainbow), coined in 1804 after the discovery of this metal
the previous year, not a noun like "bacterium".

You also say "the Americas" and not "the Americae" which is the (New)
Latin plural.

Proper names have their plural formed by adding an 's', irrespective of
the plural form in the original language. The matter would be different,
of course, if SEESAT-L were written in Latin, but I doubt that such a
proposition would meet with much enthusiasm. =

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