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Robert Reeves (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 05:58:53 -0500

Greetings fellow space enthusiasts,

This post is in responce to a request by world-known
astrophotographer Brad Wallis.  Brad is a member of the CASSINI spacecraft
team at JPL, and he is hip deep in the effort to sort out the damage done by
hysteria mongers who oppose the launch of the CASSINI spacecraft to Saturn.
Please read what Brad has to say and if you can, please join in the effort
to support our Saturn spacecraft.

If perchance you are one of those opposing the launch, I respect your
opinion on it as long as you are backing your beliefs with facts, not the
hogwash a number of fear mongers have started to spread around.

I appreciate any help.  Here is Brad's message.



This is a news item of very topical interest.  You seem to have a large
mailing list and the circulation of this may well help to make sure that
CASSINI is  launched with no problems from congress.

Brad Wallis
Investigation Scientist
Cassini Imaging

Subject: NSS Posts Call-in for Friday
Author: at Internet 
Date:    9/17/97 4:01 PM
The following alert is being posted on NSS's website and AOL area
and is being distributed to its chapters and activists at large.
URGENT ALERT!  Call White House This Friday to Say You're "Pro-Cassini"!
We need to let President Clinton know that there are hundreds, even 
thousands, of people -- both Americans and others around the world --
support the launch of Cassini to Saturn.  We need to let him know this 
important message on Friday (September 19)!
Earlier this week the President received hundreds of anti-Cassini
calls.  Now 
we need to make sure that the last word the President hears this week on 
Cassini is "launch"!
Here's What to Do:
1)  Call the White House Comment Office between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
2)  Send an e-mail message to the President any time on Friday
*  Steps for Calling the White House:
On Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST, please call the White
Comment Office at (202) 456-1111 to record your brief comment to the
that you are pro-Cassini and that you support the launch.
When you dial the phone number, you will be prompted to touch "1" for a 
touch-tone phone, then touch "1" to "leave your opinion."  You will then
prompted to dial "0" to speak with a White House Comment Operator
you will then begin to hear a prerecorded survey).  When you get the 
Operator, give her or him your:
* Name and State
* pro-Cassini message
* your address and phone number (Say that you "certainly don't expect a
call in return, but that you offer the information in case someone
needed to 
reach you."  Because you volunteer this information, it is our
that these types of comments are given more "weight".)
* thank the operator for recording your comment
** Steps for E-Mailing the White House
If you have e-mail access, send a message with the same information to: 
If you called, send an e-mail, too.
** Background on Cassini
If you would like more information on why the National Space Society
Cassini, and about the mission in general, please visit 

Thanks for your time and any efforts to help.
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