[me], little question

Nico L. (polaris@diemme.it)
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 17:48:42 -0200

I'm trying to watch visual artificial satellites.
I received the datas about my place here:


but my observation location is about 500 km SSE direction from Rome

Could the datas referred to Rome have any influence to which observe ?
The satellite position over the sky, could be much different, for those two observing locations ?

another simple question :

I found these datas for Rome:

 Predictions for Rome                    

1997 Sept 21  Sun evening  *** Times are PM CEDT
 H  M  S Name            El  Mag Dir Motion Range

19:45:52 Lacrosse 2      38  3.9  W    ->RU  1008
19:46:59                 45  3.2  NW   ->R    908

CEDT  :  which time zone location refers ?
Does it refer to gmt +2 ?

thanks in advantage.

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