Iridium 13 flare
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 10:28:35 -0700

  NORAD   date       time   Dir  aI eI  aM  eM  aS   eS Phs  Dur  Mag
  xxxxx  dd-mm-yy  hh:mm:ss  x  xxx xx  xxx xx  xxx -xx xxx  tt  Sn.n

  24840  21-09-97   3:45:45  S  112 52   90 55  287 -20  32  ~5  -8.0

Negative magnitudes are so difficult to estimate.  As noted in another
report, this flare was seen to have a halo around it!  Next time I'll
check for shadows on the ground.

By the way, we surely don't need fractional magnitudes.  Who would
believe a report of -7.6.

Also, if your tracking program reports 'fractional illumination' instead
of 'phase' you can convert with the following:
    phase = invcos((2 * fi) - 1)

							Randy John
37.9N   122.1W   24 meters