Re: Another MSTI-2 conjunction

Mon, 22 Sep 97 18:17:37 PDT

The Mir/MSTI-2 conjunction predicted by Rob Matson will take place in
in daylight over the sea between Cuba and Central America, but close
enough to the morning terminator that those in eastern Mexico or perhaps
near Brownsville Texas might see it, in theory.   It'll be extremely low,
the phase angles are unfavorable, and the twilight will be very strong.
Other than that, it should be easy!  <g>

I enjoy finding out where the predicted close flybys posted here will occur.
Even if a close call turns out to be invisible to observers, I think it's
useful to let others know about it, if only to spare them the trouble
of finding out for themselves.  Now that I think about it, maybe others
enjoy figuring out this sort of thing too, and I might be spoiling their

 Craig Cholar    3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL