RE: "Whopper" or "monster" flare

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Wed, 24 Sep 1997 12:42:04 -0600

Some people are way too wrapped up with their own self-importance.


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>>I'm happy to report having seen a monster Iridium flare Monday night!  
>Ok folks, this is bugging me.   At first they were "whopper flares", now
>we have "monster Flares".   Are they the same or is it a "whopper" up to

Maybe the following table will help:

Description                       Mag
----------------------            ---
'My eyes are burning'             -22
    (Usually during a solar transit)

monster flares                    -6

whopper flares                    -4

'WOW that's bright'               -2
    (Could also be 'There goes MIR, again!')

biggie flares                     0
    (not to be confused with biggie fries)

whimpy flares                     +2

'Where are my binoculars?'        +6

'I wish I had a newtonian.'       +10

'I wish I live at Mt. Palomar.'   +15 


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