Re: Iridium 12 flare ... again ... groan ...

Ed Cannon (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 03:03:21 -0400

Well, the iridiation really got to me.  This is a required second correction
to my Tuesday evening Iridium 12 flare report.  Rob Matson kindly pointed 
out that Iridium 12 was not where I reported it on the date and time given 
in my first two attempts to report the flare.  Sigh....  That's because I 
forgot to change the *date* when I figured the time UT.  So, red-faced, I'll 
try again.  It was definitely Tuesday evening local time.  So here's the 
corrected corrected report:

NORAD   date       time   Dir  aI eI  aM  eM  aS   eS Phs  Dur Mag Obs  COSPAR
24837  97-09-24  01:58:50  S  131 48  084 57  282 -21 145  02  -6  EdC  97030B

That was 1:58:50 Wednesday UT (8:58:50 PM CDT Tuesday here).

Moral:  Look (five or six times or more) before you leap (or click "send").

On NORAD vs. COSPAR -- since these are all *Iridium* reports, why not just 
use Ir04, Ir17, Ir43, etc., and have a reference table somewhere linking all 
three designations?  Using *both* NORAD and COSPAR adds up to 15 characters 
(including a space for separation)!  Just a very belated suggestion....

(Aside to Ron Lee -- is "humongous" larger or smaller than "monster"?  That is,
is it whopper/humongous/monster or whopper/monster/humongous?)

Ed Cannon
Austin, Texas, USA
Observations and original report from UT location: 30.29N, 97.74W, 165m