Re: Iridium Flare prediction pr

Bram Dorreman (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 09:51:13 GMT

Ron Lee informed us about the news he received from Paul Maley: There are
4 main mission antennes...
Chris, my eldsest sun, who likes to paint planets, moons and satellites
is very much interested in how Iridium looks like. As I have only e-mail
facilities at work, I am not able to look at several Websites. Therefore
we requested fellow SeeSat-L-members in Belgium with full Internet access
to collect an Iridium picture. Together with other brief Iridium documen-
tation with too small pictures, we had the opinion that Iridiums have
three long sides with a main mission antenna at each side. Now we are in
doubt. Chris does not like to paint existing bodies wrongly. I do believe
Paul Maley, but that means the few Iridium pictures we have are wrong.
Apart from our "problem" I wish success to Ron Lee in creating an
"Iridium Flare Prediction Program".
Chris photographed our brightest (mag -8) flare of Saturday, 20th September.
It is on a slide and it looks like a fireball. We will show that slide
to our local astroclub. Other members may guess what they see.
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