Another Iridium Flare

Thu, 25 Sep 1997 07:58:01 -0500

Last night I observed another whopper flare this time from Iridium 14.
This flare seems to have occurred at roughly the same elevation and
azimuth as the one reported by Ed Cannon 2 evenings ago, though the sun
was lower here. The data is:

NORAD  date     time         Dir  al el  aM  eM  aS   eS  Phs  Dur Mag
24836  97-09-25 01:43:42    S  130 50 84  58  269 -43   37     6   -6
PDM  97030A

The Phs is from Quicksat.

To anyone developing a flare prediction program, it would be also
worthwhile to note that Iridium 13 brightened only slightly to 3.5 at
about the same azimuth as the Iridium 14 flare when it passed the area 8
minutes earlier; elevation was 33, azimuth 130.

Regarding the number of main mission antennas, the drawing I have does
show 3 antennas instead of 4. The antennas are positioned 90 degrees
apart in the forward and both side directions. The trailing direction
does not seem to have an antenna. I will attempt to verify if there is a
4th antenna. 

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