Iridium 16 flare

Alexander Seidel (
Thu, 25 Sep 97 21:16 MET DST

Adding to all the confusion about formats: here is another flare report of an 
observation just made less than an hour ago in a format which I personally would 
prefer for good reasons, i.e. both NORAD and COSPAR side by side, and the date 
reported as yy-mm-dd:

NORAD  COSPAR     Date Time UTC Dir  aI eI  aM eM  aS  eS Phs Dur  Mag Obs 
24841 97-30 F 97-09-25 18:30:31   S 127 61  83 69 285 -12 Unk  13 -0.5  AS

Greetings, Alex