Mir/Shuttle pass observed

Bryan Dort (bdort@freeway.net)
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 07:45:03 -0400

I observed the MIR / Shuttle pass this morning.  Mir was "WOW, that's
bright" (-2 mag) rising in the west.  Right on with the latest Molczan
elset.  Culminated at approx 10:19 UTC at 35 deg elevation in the SSW. 
Shuttle was 15 minutes behind.  Same path only a little lower in the sky
(about 20 deg elevation) and about 0 mag.

This is my second chasing observation. Very cool to see Shuttle chasing
MIR.  It's got to be exciting for the STS crew.  I think I heard them
yelling "Faster, Faster!  Lets get 'em"

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