FAISAT-2V Stable?

Eric Rosenberg (erosenberg@orbcomm.net)
Fri, 26 Sep 97 12:04:18 est

It appears that the FAISAT-2v (24954, 97 052B) satellite may be in 

Ground controllers have had no success in commanding the satellite, and 
the beacon hasn't been heard since launch + 12 hours or so.

It appeared from the initial telemetry that the satellite was inertially 
stable and had de-spun. The gravity gradient boom had *not* been 
deployed (can only be done on command). 

The question now is whether anyone has seen it recently and how it 
appears.  If it is tumbling or spinning (i.e., flashing), one might 
assume the satellite has lost power completely and has become unstable. 

If you have any observations, please pass them along.