[SATS] <----- why not ?

Nico L. (polaris@diemme.it)
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 21:31:05 -0200


a little suggestion to the owner of this list.
Why don't put a symbol like [SATS] at 
the beginning of the subject field ?

Other mailing list like
mapug (meade mailing list) put  [M] before subject.

The same way for mindspring.com, an astronomy
mailing list which put [ASTRO] into the same field.

I think I would be a good idea, especially
if one people subscribed to more than one mailing list.
In this way it's possible to sort message by subject,
dividing directly all mailing list messages.

Which do you think about this ?

Best regards 
Nico Lonetti - Italy