Re: SATS] <----- why not ?

Sat, 27 Sep 97 09:00:23 PDT

Nico Lonetti asked about putting a prefix on the subject lines.  If
a decision is made to use something like 'SATS', I'd prefer some other
characters before and after 'SATS'.  Some EBCDIC based systems, like the
mainframe I'm using, have a hard time dealing with the left and right
squared brackets.  For example, on Nico's message as I received it, the
leading left bracket was missing, and the trailing bracket ended up
translated as a lowercase 'a' with a circumflex over it!  Ugly.
I think you'll see in my reply that the subject got a little mangled.
The only reason I know brackets were used is by pointing my ASCII-based
browser at the hypermail archives.  E-mailing from an ASCII-based system
isn't possible for me using my current setup, however.  (Don't ask, it's
too complicated to explain why.)

I like things the way they are, but if a decision is made to use a
subject prefix may I suggest that we use something more universally
acceptable, like <SATS>.  Both EBCDIC and ASCII have no problem with
the < and > symbols, as far as I can tell.

By the way, on the only list I subscribe to that uses a subject prefix,
I often see replies with ugly subjects that look something like this...
<SATS> Re: <SATS> Whatever...

I manually cleanup such Re: subjects to remove the redundant identifier,
but not everyone does.

 Craig Cholar    3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL