STS-86 launch

Philip Chien (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 07:01:49 -0400

Well, since I've seen reports from everybody on the Eastern seaboard in
several different mailing lists I subscribe to mention their observations
of the STS-86 launch, I suppose I should include my 5 cents worth.

I was at the KSC VIP site, fairly close to NASA Administrator Dan Goldin,
Russian Phase 1 head Valeri Ryumin, and some really important folks. ;-)

It was my 73rd shuttle launch from KSC - and just as exciting as any other.
It's *amazing* how quiet the viewing site gets at 2 minutes before launch
-- and how many folks are applauding and cheering when the launch takes

About 10 minutes after launch I saw Dan Goldin hug Dottie Wolf, astronaut
Dave Wolf's mother.

Unfortunately the skies were fairly cloudy and I didn't see much beyond SRB

On Saturday moring there was a fairly good pass of the shuttle and Mir over
my area, but I was clouded out.  *#!#&!

Sunday morning at 6 am EDT (10:00 UT) I saw the Shuttle-Mir docked pair go
overhead with an excellent -2 magnitude pass.  FANTASTIC!

Philip Chien [M1959.05.31/31.145//]