RE: too many unidentified satellites?!

Jeff Hunt (
Sun, 28 Sep 97 15:51:48


Allen Thomson's +4000 elsets cover about half of the visible/potentially 
visible/not visible (small debris) unclassified objects. The remaining 4000 
objects not in Thomson's file are mostly debris objects with little 
potential for observation and of course, a few dozen or so classified 

The few dozen or so classified elements are, of course, found in Ted Molczan 
files along with +1200 or so visible or potentially visible unclassified 

Mike McCants maintains a listing of all unclassified +8600 objects on his 
web site, as well as the Molczan files, plus many other groupings of elsets, 
including just the classified elements.

You can find links to these and many other sources of elements as well as 
tracking programs at:

Keep in mind that if you are looking for non-LEO satellites (period >250 
min.) your tracking program needs an orbit propagator (SDP4) for deepspace 
or highly eccentric objects.  Not all tracking programs have the SDP4 

You can find links to various tracking programs at the same site but at the
orbsoft.html page.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Hunt <>

--- On Sun, 28 Sep 1997 14:06:03 +0300 (EET DST)  Marco Hahn FS 
<> wrote:

>During my last two sessions I saw 8 unanticipated satellites, and I really
>like to try to identify them later. However, while I almost all the time
>was able to identify sats, of these 8 only 2 could be identified using the
>750KB long el970920-file. This worries me quite a bit. Are there other
>files that I could check?