Re: more Iridium information

Bram and Dorreman (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 23:40:40 GMT

Paul Maley wrote (about the three main missions antennas):
> One points directly forward into the velocity vector with no offset
Does we interpret this correctly when we say: this antenna is parallel
to the earth in the satellites nadir?
>other two are apperently not aligned 90 degrees on both sides. Instead
> that alignment is 120 degrees.
Does it mean that:
  all main mission antennas are in the same plane, but w.r.t. to each
  other 120 degrees turned?
  are the other two main mission antennas 120 degrees tilted w.r.t.
  the satellite-nadir line? Most pictures of Iridiums suggest this.
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