Re: Saw Mir & STS-86

Jay Respler (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 01:36:38 -0400 (EDT)

>   Now, I see the TLE's used were over 24 hours
>old.    After
>returning from the Delta II launch I was tired (excuses, excuses!) and
>only got 2 hours sleep before getting up to see Mir & STS-86.  

No excuses.  I'll match my tiredness against yours. I didn't get ANY sleep
that night because I stayed up all night until Mir and Atlantis came by.

>So, it looks like my TLE's were totally invalid for STS-86 but okay for

Ye, Mir is in a stable orbit (sort of)

>  Now, I realize the importance
>of getting the absolute freshest TLE for STS before docking with Mir.

Week old elements are usually no problem for Mir, but the shuttle is
constantly changing orbit.  Elements are for one instant and don't reflect the
constant change.

>So, is my interpretation of what happened correct?

Sounds good to me.

Jay Respler
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