Re: <SATS> [2] needed?

Bart De Pontieu (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 18:26:13 +0100 (MET)

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Nico L. quoted from my private message (!) to him:

> >I fully agree with Neil that adding [SATS] to the Subject field is not
> >useful and should not be implemented, for the reasons Neil gives.
> >It's not that I don't want to be helpful, but there is software that does
> >filtering without a special TAG in the subject line. I suggest that people
> >who are subscribed to multiple lists install that software.
> why this does not seem to be a problem
> in lists like [M]: mapug (meade mailing list)
> or [ASTRO]: Astro - mindspring, general astro list ?
> I think we could try and later decide if 
> there is any kind of problem.
> If there are some chars that cause problems,
> we could also change and choose others ...

I'm sorry if I've made myself unclear:

a. Discussing whether or not we want these TAG-lines is off-topic for
SeeSat-L. This is the last message in this thread on SeeSat-L, if I can
help it! 

b. I've made my viewpoint clear in a private message to Nico L. and so has
Neil. Basically, both Neil and I (the co-administrators) do not want these
tag-lines in the subject header. 

c. In case you, Nico L., or anyone else disagrees with us, contact us
privately. Or there is a general need to further discuss this, please
use the list
This list is there to discuss administrative things like the one mentioned
above. You can subscribe by sending a message with the word "SUBSCRIBE" in
the subject-line to

Let me note with regards to point c that I don't see how discussing this
on UseSat-L will change things though. Both persons who have to take care
of the daily maintenance of this list, think it's not a good idea...

Let me also note that this topic is now closed on SeeSat-L. Anyone who
feels the urge to post on this topic to SeeSat-L in the future should be
aware that the maintainers of this list will not sit idly and watch how
off-topic posts clutter up the list.

My apologies to all subscribers for this off-topic post!