Re: Lewis decay

J.C. Millot (
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 12:53:33 +1100

HI All

ans sorry for the cross posting to 3 mailing lists but I think my subject
is of interest and rather urgent.

This is Jean-Christophe from New Caledonia, happy collector of witness
about satellite Lewis re-entry, on Sunday 28 September at 11:29 UT, seen by
4 different groups of persons, 11 people at a whole, at the time I am
writing this message.

I have been interviewed by two local radio channels and by the daily
newspaper so I will have some more witnesses soon.

I have one question :

apart from sending my reports to the few mailing lists I subscribe, is
there a special report
form to fill, collected by NASA and or NORAD or any other thing to do with
these witnesses.