RE: Superbird Sept 1 -- Bingo! I got it.

Matson, Robert (
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 11:48:01 -0700

Excellent job, Malcolm!

Based on your description, it sounds like you acquired Superbird
pretty close to its peak, but missed the ramp-up prior.  I
assume you were seeing flashes once very 11.5 seconds or so
initially, but only once every 23 seconds toward the end.
For now I'll use your 3:34:45 time as the "center time"; it's
probably within a minute or two of being correct.  Amazingly
enough, since the predicted time for Bristol was about 3:36,
my axis model is still excellent, even after 5 months of

Superbird is slowly creeping into view for the east coast of
the United States.  Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
and the other eastern Canadian provinces have the best view;
Maine, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, north coastal North Carolina
and southern Florida are next best.

The peak for southern Florida tonite (Wed. 9/1 local) should
occur around 23:02 EDT (3:02 UT 9/2).  North Carolina is 3
minutes later; New Jersey at ~23:08; Maine at 23:11; Nova
Scotia at 23:13 EDT (or is that 0:13 ADT?).

After a quick skip across the pond, Ireland and Portugal get
flashed at 3:34 UT; England about 2-4 minutes later depending
on longitude.  France is covered from 3:36-3:41, moving west
to east; Belgium around 3:40.