Daytime Iridium flares

Patrice Gambaro (
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 10:41:42 -0400

Hello everyone

On the GSOC site, they give predictions for daytime Iridium flares
observations; on Sept 11, there was one in the morning and one in the
afernoon, both of mag -7 something. As it rarely happens in my region,
skies were perfectly clear on both occasions.

However, I wasn't able to observe the flares; since I have no problem
observing nighttime flares, I assumes I was looking at the right azimuth
and elevation; I was standing near a corner of the house to block the
sun as much as possible.

So I wonder, is there any special techniques to observe daytime flares ?
Could anyone who observed them tell me wath they look like if they are
very different then nitght time flares ?